The One Thing I Agree With Donald Trump On

The One Thing I Agree With Donald Trump On

There is, at least, one thing that Donald Trump has said that I have agreed with. While I don’t think we agree on _why_ it is an issue, I do like that he has called the U.S. out on this, twice, something that no other U.S. official has ever done, even if he did so inadvertently, and for the wrong reasons:
When asked by Bill O’Reilly why he has respect for a “killer” who is Putin, Trump said, “There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?” And in another interview with Joe Scarborough, who brought up Putin’s killings, Trump said, “I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe… so you know.”

I believe the United States of America is truly the greatest nation on earth, but I believe that it is also the one with the most foreign blood on its hands because it has been in a perpetual state of war since its creation, colluding, conspiring, meddling in the internal affairs of almost 70% of the world, with continuous conspiracy, hypocrisy, deliberate political hijacking, and violence trade, shamelessly backing the most coercive governments and racist apartheid systems around the world. If more Americans knew, and I mean really _knew_, what their government has done overseas, American officials wouldn’t be allowed to behave with the hubris they have today, disguising their acts with a false “moral power of light and freedom” that simply does not exist in their foreign policy. I believe the American people are truly incredible people; innovative, hard-working, executive dreamers who help people achieve better lives because they know how to dream of these better lives and make them happen, but they simply don’t live up to the responsibility they have. If they really knew what kind of power they uphold over the state of the entire world order, if they really knew that the fates and lives of billions of people literally rest in the palm of their own hands, I believe every single American would vote in every election, local, midterm, mayor, and presidential, and they would not take such power lightly.

I made this point on “The Debate – France 24” in this video debating U.S. politics with three other guests. Thanks to the host, Francois Picard, for tweeting this specific segment with my intervention.

In case you don’t have Facebook, I have uploaded the video on YouTube, click below:

Written by Sara El-Yafi


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    Am in Love with u Sara El-Yafi ❤😘💪
    Keep it ☝

  3. Amer Al Rassas · February 10, 2017

    how come you’re not the Lebanese ambassador to the US

  4. Fouad Dajani · February 10, 2017

    Sara this is top notch. People like you give us hope, seriously. Keep it up 🙌✌️

  5. Haifa Shwaikani Takieddine · February 10, 2017

    So powerful and well said Sara 😍so so proud for getting to know you since you were a little kid and to witness how you matured into this beautiful option making young woman 💖💋

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    Sara!! Mabrouk!! Proud of you ❤❤

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  8. Maya Khayath Anhoury · February 10, 2017

    Sara El-Yafi, Tu es surprenante de par ton rayonnement. Quoi que tu dises plait et attire par ce que au-delà de ton intelligence, il y a une vivacité, une authenticité et une humilité qui désarment. Tu parles des décideurs aux U.S.A. C’est justement ce qui leur manque ! Tu as des racines et pas n’importe lesquelles, donc tu ne cherches pas à arriver coûte-que-coûte en marchant sur les autres, eux sont des arrivistes qui sont des requins qui ont les moyens de croquer tout ce qu’ils trouvent sur leur chemin. De nos jours les gens valeureux et conscients sont dans l’ombre, ils ne se mélangent pas à ces derniers. Je suis active dans les élections Françaises. Eh bien c’est pareil. C’est le siècle des arrivistes. On va bientôt devoir toucher le bas pour ressurgir ! Mon époux qui est américains de bationalité a fait un grand WAW quan il t’a écoutée ! Grosses bises et continue à nous surprendre ! <3 By the way, tu as un look très simple mais tu es resplendissante !

  9. Mada Arslan · February 10, 2017

    Well said!!

  10. Samar Al Moukayed · February 10, 2017

    Amazing 👌 we need more people like you

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    Great as always Sara El-Yafi

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    Bravo Sarah

  13. Tarek Zeidan · February 10, 2017

    بحبك وهيك

  14. Beba El Hajj Ali · February 10, 2017

    Thank U El Sara El-Yafi for speaking out and God bless u 🙂 xx

  15. Nadim Haddad · February 10, 2017

    Truth sound bytes well delivered ❤

  16. Nadeem Marc Haddad · February 10, 2017

    Well said. Can you post the entire video?

  17. Tomotaka Inoue · February 10, 2017

    great!! Sara

  18. Yara Melki Schoucair · February 10, 2017

    Tu es brillante Sara

  19. Joumana El-Yafi · February 10, 2017

    My beautiful baby,you make my heart grow so big when I read and hear you 💖
    Thank God for you and bless you beautiful soul inside out🙏.

  20. Josette Wadih Charbel Ghossayn · February 10, 2017

    Bravo Sara well done
    When are you coming to sydney ???

  21. Lara Haddad · February 10, 2017

    You make me so proud hayete!! Amazing as always! ❤

  22. Madonna Thierry · February 10, 2017

    Bravo!!! I share the video

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    Very very very well said Sara El-Yafi

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    You are awesome 👍

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    Je t adore Sara tu parles si bien!!

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    Always so proud of you Mashallah 👍👏🏻

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    Bravo Sara !

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    You deserve praise my dear sara, job well done. Very well said my dear..

  30. Dana Mansour hable · February 10, 2017

    This beautiful, smart, insightful political analyst & commentator is my cousin whom we are all so proud of… Here talking on the French channel about Trump’s comments about “The US is not that innocent”…

  31. Sarah Caplan · February 10, 2017

    Excellent lesson in perspective:
    196 = countries in the world
    130 = countries that have a U.S. military presence
    900 = U.S. military bases around the world
    …and we’re afraid?

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  33. Sue Yafi Omary · February 10, 2017

    So true, I Admire you Sara, you are very courageous and frank, thanks.

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    God bless you

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    Very well said @SaraElYafi 👍🏻

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    I’m in awe..again! 👍👍

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    Thanks Sara !

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    very well said

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    Nobody says it the way Sara does 👍👍👍

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    Sara El Yafi great as always

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    Sara El-Yafi, Amazing!!!!

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    My hayati habibti Sara El-Yafi u are Soo amazing and very intelligent person
    Enshallah some day u become President or Prime Minister here in Lebanon. 😘😘😘

  44. Joana · February 10, 2017

    Well done Sara…very well said awesome my dear …

  45. Yolanda Meg · February 10, 2017

    She is so divine

  46. ‎أبو الحسنات الصدیق‎ · February 10, 2017

    Well said by Sara El-Yafi.

  47. Michael Yazbeck · February 10, 2017

    I think your answer was a bit too polite when you were asked about the ignorance of the average american citizen on international topics. In my opinion, i think that they are too far from what the Scandinavians, the European countries, and most of Western societies know. With all respect to the Americans, i think they know too little, and i don’t think it’s by coincidence that their international education level is so basic.

  48. Riad Talje · February 10, 2017

    Fully agree with what you wrote and said on TV . 👍👍

  49. Tamer Shafik · February 10, 2017

    Well done. I will share

  50. Randa Hajj Ali · February 10, 2017

    Bravo sara well spoken.

  51. Riad Mouawad · February 10, 2017

    Ouf… very well put. 👍

  52. Racha · February 10, 2017

    Truth. If only Americans knew, it’s about saving the souls of those that have no say in their destiny.

  53. Tam · February 10, 2017

    Such a good point

  54. Mark T. · February 10, 2017

    You are the most inspiring person I read. And I read a lot.

  55. Eddie · February 10, 2017

    This is the absolute truth that US has destroyed so many countries and killed or I would say murdered so many people in its short history and keep doing as I write these words. This country is claiming to be for human rights, justice, and for democracy but its conduct around the world is an act of ruthless bully. One side comment: White house press secretary mentioned that Mis Conway was consoled I thing all of these people in the white house needs a serious, a very serious consoling, because they are all crazy.

  56. Ali Khalife · February 10, 2017

    Vous comprenez très bien la politique mondiale. C’est bien naturel. Vous êtes d’une famille et dynastie politique. Nous sommes avec vous dans cette affaire.

    You understand world politics very well. That’s very natural. You come from a political family and dynasty. We are with you in this.

  57. Raya Sarieddine Halawy · February 12, 2017

    Very well said!!!

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    Love this! 😀

  60. Walid Nasrallah · February 12, 2017

    Respect! you dared to say out loud what many people have on their minds.

  61. Gail Antabi · February 12, 2017

    Right to the point what would we do without you and your wisdom

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    Very well said.

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    Sara El-Yafi speaks again x

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    This is fantastic. Very well spoken, on point 👏🏻

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