Considering that my national team is not playing in the World Cup, on what basis do I choose which team to support?
To assuage my qualms, I have devised a chart that would permit me to grade teams as per 12 metrics.
Whoever gets the highest grade gets my support.

This chart is yours to use! Grade each square from O to 10. The higher a team’s total score, the stauncher your support for the team should be.
Print this PDF; fill it out; and share your results with me! And keep scrolling.


While many fans don’t want politics brought into football, the truth is that politics is indivisible from football.
Teams fly their flag and sing their national anthem before a game, which is a staunch showcase of patriotism. This devoted and vigorous support for one’s nation is an emotion that cannot be separated from one’s stance towards a nation’s overarching behavior, which in of itself is inherently a political stance.

Football as a sport is not only a gateway for patriotism, but it also is an essential weapon in nation-building.
A team’s victory is seen as a national victory and players are hailed as heroes.

It is a modern substitute for a war field, and it is the very warlike politics of the sport that adds to the fervor of the game, as chants, slogans, face paint, costumes, and drums are drawn up by the supporting crowds, like in a battle, where fans of all walks of life implore universal forces to activate victory in liturgy. It is also one of the few acceptable places for men to cry without shame or hiding.

Football simply has the power to positively influence politics and contribute in forming a cohesive national identity. When we understand this, and start adopting strong policies in support of sports, it will be one of the most important ways we will be able to take back our country.



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