This video was also posted on Facebook, and garnered more than 27,000 views, and 700+ shares in three days. Thank you to all of you for your positive responses. More to come, stay tuned.
I made this video as a tribute to my Lebanese compatriots who took to the streets on August 29th 2015 to protest the infamy and blatant corruption of our political Establishment. Beware. This is not an “anti-Government” protest, this is “anti-Establishment” protest, with a capital E. This is not a social trend, this is not a punctual disgruntlement of one disdainful act, this is the sound of the most beastly suffering borne by a citizenry that has been shamed and derided by its political rulership for decades, stripped of its rights, electoral roles and today, of its basic human dignity. It is a suffering that bears no faith, no social standing, no gender bias, no political stigma. It is a national struggle borne by all alike. Whether you appreciate the young men and women behind the “YouStink” campaign or not, whether you feel they are “adequate” leaders or not, should not be a reason to discredit the truth and validity of this movement. This is an anti-Establishment protest, not a mere “YouStink” campaign.
Pride is a difficult word that I struggle with because the integrity of its source is often misplaced, but this time around, I have no doubt about its usage: I am proud of my compatriots who participated in the August 29 protest. I am proud that our aggrieved stance has shifted its intensity from “othering” each other towards criticizing the flagrant corruption scandals and complete absence of this country’s rule of law, collectively. Let’s not “other” each other. We took to the streets in unison for transparency, accountability, and, well, basic public hygiene; that is the core of the movement, and it is everyone’s struggle. This country needs our love, loyalty and consciousness, our words of denouncement, our patriotism and our stance against injustice every day, but today more than ever. This video pays a tribute to standing up for that. I hope you enjoy it.

(Most of the footage is mine. Some photos are not mine.)

P.S.: If the video is unavailable on your mobile phone, it is available on your laptop. So if you encounter any issues, watch it on your laptop or computer, not on your mobile phone. I know there’s repetition in those two sentences.



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