This video was also posted on Facebook, and garnered more than 27,000 views, and 700+ shares in three days. Thank you to all of you for your positive responses. More to come, stay tuned.
I made this video as a tribute to my Lebanese compatriots who took to the streets on August 29th 2015 to protest the infamy and blatant corruption of our political Establishment. Beware. This is not an “anti-Government” protest, this is “anti-Establishment” protest, with a capital E. This is not a social trend, this is not a punctual disgruntlement of one disdainful act, this is the sound of the most beastly suffering borne by a citizenry that has been shamed and derided by its political rulership for decades, stripped of its rights, electoral roles and today, of its basic human dignity. It is a suffering that bears no faith, no social standing, no gender bias, no political stigma. It is a national struggle borne by all alike. Whether you appreciate the young men and women behind the “YouStink” campaign or not, whether you feel they are “adequate” leaders or not, should not be a reason to discredit the truth and validity of this movement. This is an anti-Establishment protest, not a mere “YouStink” campaign.
Pride is a difficult word that I struggle with because the integrity of its source is often misplaced, but this time around, I have no doubt about its usage: I am proud of my compatriots who participated in the August 29 protest. I am proud that our aggrieved stance has shifted its intensity from “othering” each other towards criticizing the flagrant corruption scandals and complete absence of this country’s rule of law, collectively. Let’s not “other” each other. We took to the streets in unison for transparency, accountability, and, well, basic public hygiene; that is the core of the movement, and it is everyone’s struggle. This country needs our love, loyalty and consciousness, our words of denouncement, our patriotism and our stance against injustice every day, but today more than ever. This video pays a tribute to standing up for that. I hope you enjoy it.

(Most of the footage is mine. Some photos are not mine.)

P.S.: If the video is unavailable on your mobile phone, it is available on your laptop. So if you encounter any issues, watch it on your laptop or computer, not on your mobile phone. I know there’s repetition in those two sentences.



  • Randa Wafic Ajouz says:

    I love and I SHARE

  • Fares Nassif says:

    مواطنه كاملت الاوصاف. شاهد الفيديو

  • Connie Hadba says:

    None of this ever reached the World News reports in the States, yet reflects what is creating civil unrest in countries all over – government apathy and politicians who think only of themselves.

  • Joana Baravilala Zuaiter says:

    Salute the people!

  • Vera Macdonald says:

    Hurray for the Lebanese people’s patience & courage. Don’t stop till you meet all your demands. Be blessed
    PS. As for Miss Sara El-Yafi chapeau.

  • Kamal Naamani says:


  • Diva Khoury says:

    With you back home in spirit.

  • Maria says:

    No better way to say things. Applause.

  • Fahmi Al-Shawwa says:

    Loved this video –

  • Sam Kahil says:

    “Believe and persist!”

  • Greta Naufal says:

    عظيم سارا….يتبع

  • George A. says:

    I hope everyone watches and shares

  • Lina Tabbaa says:

    Everyone should see this clip made by an exceptional young lady

  • Hanin Madi says:

    Let honolulu know.
    Goodnight *

  • Kareen El Beyrouty says:

    This protest even has a tango break! Ah yes, the Lebanese know how to protest in style.

  • Caroline Berthelot says:

    Bravo Sara

  • Rouba Jalkh says:

    This is so beautifully done.
    The tango break is epic !

  • Oliver Edde says:

    Nothing but the truth! sharing

  • Marishka Marianne says:

    <3 <3

  • Mano Trad says:

    Early days yet but i t is encouraging to see that people know about their power when united.

    What impressed me most was the sign that read:

    Ma baddna ta2ifiyyeh, baddna dawleh 3ilmaniyyeh (we don’t want confessionalism -which is the political system based on religion and which is kiling Lebanon- we want a secular state).

    Come on you Lebanese ! Hope springs eternal !

  • Lena Bahou says:

    Young people in Lebanon leading the way….

  • Zouher Baroudy says:

    Laaaa…. Sar nazle daroooori…

  • Natalie Domeisen says:

    Lovely Lebanon has had its share of trials. Merci Flora B-a for the post. Worth viewing.

  • Hala Chahine-Tsouvalakis says:

    Great video!

  • Yasmeen Farah says:

    “Believe and persist!!”

  • Rouham Yamout says:

    Believe and persist.

  • Kay Majzoub says:

    One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, Mohandas Ganhi in India, Nelson Mandela in South Africa are examples of people standing up with courage and non-violence to bring about needed changes. There’s no problem on the planet that can’t be solved without violence. Riots and public disturbances did not derail the civil rights movement off its course, and nor should they in Lebanon, as long as the Lebanese population remains cohesive and collectively focused on achieving the goals of their just cause. Please stay united against all the detractors. As Nelson Mandela once said: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.

  • Jacqueline Taylor says:

    Bravo I am with you

  • Diane Eassey Anbara says:

    nice! it is time!

  • Rima El Khoury says:

    C genial sara!

  • Tarek Khoury says:

    By far one of the most innovative and peaceful protests in history, I mean tango, dance revolutions, and amazing slogans….

  • Pamela O. Eid says:

    Let the world see how when we revolt, we do it our way too…
    ‪#‎we_will_not_stop‬ ‪#‎youstink‬
    ‫#‏مستمرون‬ ‫#‏طلعت_ريحتكم‬

  • Miles Beacom says:

    Inspiring. Mexico does not have a monopoly on corruption. The USA is not far behind, it is just than people in the USA are still in denial. I would love to see the USA go back to the good old days of the 500 dollar hammers, that was such a good deal by comparison to Halliburton and the Bank bail out and the etc etc….

  • Hala Deeb Jabbour says:

    I love, love, love this! I love the Lebanese protesters and their intelligent, creative and hilarious slogans! Thirty years of war later, an Israeli invasion (or two, or three, or every day?) and still the same rotten, corrupt opportunists and their children/clansmen in power? How is that acceptable? Keep it up protesters!!! Our hearts are with all of you!

  • Joelle Eid says:

    Beirut’s best summer in a very long time <3

  • Sandra Samhoun says:

    A great video that summarizes Lebanon these days! Well done Sara El-Yafi

  • Hikkidiabidi Boo says:

    Sara El-Yafi strikes again!!!
    They all stink ya Sara

  • Karim N. says:

    Please watch and share! How many of you feel this clip? Sara El-Yafi does it again and again and again. You make us want to be proud to be Lebanese. Much love and more power to you! Now please SHARE!

  • J. K. says:

    Can’t stop watching this!! Sara El-Yafi is a hero

  • Krystelle Lorraine says:

    My friend Sara is not only one of the most intelligent people I have ever met (seriously) but she is also one of the most beautiful human beings (inside and out). Thank you for being the courageous heart that you are.
    This is a video Sara created to show the world what is occurring in Lebanon right now and to document the recent protest. ❤

  • Zeina Kronfol says:

    Believe and persist ‪#‎youstink‬ ‫#‏طلعت‬ ريحتكم Sharing!

  • Zeina Mhanna says:

    Great video Sara El-Yafi. Keep the revolution alive. Let them hear you, let them fear you ‪#‎youstink‬ ‪#‎lebanesegovernmentstinks‬

  • Dévyan DuMon says:

    I’m taking a break from my usual weekend digi-respite for a GOOD CAUSE…
    ★ While here in America, some are doing their Labor Day wknd in VARIOUS ways, some not even able to relax, there’re MANY overseas taking a stand for the LACK OF ACTION by their gov’t. I’m shining a light on someone specific who’s out there … DOIN WORK.
    Namasté, Sara El-Yafi.

  • Karim T. says:

    What a great video tribute! Sharing!

  • Jaime Garcia-Heras says:

    I wish you sucess ! May be you can do what the people of Guatemale did: kick out the president from office due to corruption ! By the way, there is suspicion the he was involved in blatant human rights biolations in the 1980s.

  • Maya Bassil says:

    Applause! Applause! Demain Aoun va Tout gâcher !…gardez uniquement le drapeau Libanais !…

  • A. R. Eddy Marhaba says:

    Well done !

  • Sulaiman Abu Hulayel says:

    What a shame!
    A huuuuuuge shame on those responsible.

  • Sumer Daou says:

    Considering the High Quality and Super Speed of 3G connection in Lebanon, would you kindly post that in a Lower resolution version so we can watch it in real time! (Especially outside Beirut)

  • Hussein Itany says:


  • Andrea Darzi says:

    Tamara Loutfi

  • Mona Jarmakani says:

    Darin Said

  • Marya Hijazi says:

    Good on u…. loving the slogans down there

  • Rayan Hamzeh says:

    Eleni Mavrouli

  • Amer El Rassas says:

    Mona Zahra watch this

  • Edouard Elkhoury says:

    Respect a thousand time to you Sara El yafi. And a million shame to this so called establishment but unfortunately it doesn’t exist cause in reality we see no improvement at all ….or else we should call it retardblishment

  • Flora B-a says:

    The best information about what’s really happening in our wonderful country , and how these corrupted people are spoiling it. Good job Sara El Yafi

  • Ghias El Yafi says:

    The Establishment took various exams. Here are the results: Electricity F. Hygiene F. Water F. Telecommunications F. Infrastructure F. Health F. Economics F. Self enrichment A+++.

  • May Chehab says:

    Maya Dada YounisFreeda Chehab

    • Maya Dada Younis says:

      Super one… Very inspirational! And well, what we should STOP doing is bitching and moaning all the time, without doing anything about it..

  • Krystelle Karam says:

    love this !!!! watch this Rawad Moustafa Sam J. Chalhoub Yara Antoun Sarya Sarkis

  • Khaled El Abed says:

    So proud of you Sara .

  • Nisrine Aboulhosn says:

    Excellent job Sara! I’m very hopeful we can make a difference.. I’m hoping we can stay united at least for our common basic needs.. and not let this country ‘s stupid party leaders affect us and make us loose focus! I think it’s now or never! The ball is in our court now! We either fight until we get our basic needs.. Our we simply don’t deserve it!!

  • Izzy Turk says:

    This is AMAZING! Makes me very proud. Thank you for sharing

  • Elham Marie-Christine Akkawi says:

    It is a masterpiece Sara..You are something else and I am sure you will make a difference in
    Waking up all the young people to claim and fight for their rights. God bless you.

  • Mira Diab says:

    Bravo Sara! *applause* *thumbs up*

  • Joumana El-Yafi says:

    love the STOP word then the “Protest tango break”!

  • Myriam EL-Khoury Malhame says:

    New updated slogans maybe?! That sing for building up something solid rather than bringing it down…

  • Joumana El-Yafi says:

    “Beware this is not an “anti government”this is an anti Establishment protest with a capital E,this is the sound of the beastly suffering borne by a citizenry that has been shamed,striped of its rights,and today of it’s basic human dignity”
    Wow!!!!My amazing Sara!No words can describe your sense of righteousness,your humanity,your extreme consciousness,your sense of justice,your tolerance,your sensible and sensitive amazing intelligence,your Love which embraces the whole world and especially your Love for your country Lebanon and how you work whole heartedly for it and it’s welfare,how you meet people,form people,spend huge energy to improve situations, talk,work hard,and write for days and through sleepless nights for the welfare of your nation and how to contribute in the best of your ability for its coming out of its huge suffering,from the agonising dark Abyss in which it’s awful awful terrible corrupt to the bones political leaders put it in each and every way.
    I congratulate you,I admire you,look up to you,love you and thank you for exceeding all my great expectations.
    You are truly one of a kind,rare,beautiful shining transparent honest Gem,and I thank God for you and pray him to lead you with all the young and less young people aspiring for a healthy country with a shining face,to accomplish your hopes and dreams for our beloved hurt,deeply wounded,stolen country,and help you and all the young and less young people to create and watch the rebirth of the Beautiful Lebanon we all dream of.
    People of Lebanon if you want to regain your stolen dignity “Continue protesting the infamy and blatant corruption of our political Establishment”until victory,until the birth of a sweet sweet rightful Dawn”
    الله يحميكي يا حبيبة قلبي و ياخذ بيدك و يد كل مستقيم نزيه و يحمي لبنان و صبايا وشباب لبنان و يُرينا بزوغ فجر المحاسبه المحقه،فجر لبنان الجديد الخالي من الفساد و الطائفيه و المذهبيه الكريهه والنفايات و…و…و…و هذا الطاقم البالي من الزعماء و السياسيين البالين حتى النخاع،امين يا رب.

  • Tamara AJ says:


  • Jihad Krayem says:

    Is it normal that I can’t stop watching this? Someone? Anyone? Sara El-Yafi you are a goddess, no less. #addicted

  • Adam Bradley says:

    Well done, Ms. Yafi! 🙂

  • Hana Samouri says:


  • Maria Makhlouf says:

    It is insanely well done! Bravo!

  • Nicholas Marquez-Grant says:

    I have passed it on to friends and colleagues in Lebanon…

  • Karim Najjar says:

    Never stops, the amazing Sara El-Yafi!

  • Hadi El-Khoury says:


  • Sandra Abou Mansour says:

    Bravo Sara! Brilliant as always and thanks for sharing it again couldn’t open it before!

  • Elsa Karam says:

    I watched this video about 5 or 6 times, I am not joking. It is such an amazing video, Sara El-Yafi. I was filled with emotion and you give me hope.

  • Bless you friend. Thanks for so much for so little. Bye!

  • Joe Chahoud says:

    “No electricity. No clean water. No infrastructure. No budget. That was the incompetent sacrifice to keep the streets clean. But now, not only do we have livelihood akin to the dark ages, but we live in a dump!”

    Against corruption we lit up the streets of Beirut on August 29 and “STAGED THE LARGEST INDEPENDENT PROTEST IN LEBANON’S HISTORY”

    #تحرك_29_آب #طلعت_ريحتكم #حلو_عن_طيزنا #كلن_يعني_كلن #youstink
    PS: Thanks Sara El-Yafi for this video, can’t stop watching it!!!

  • Adam says:

    Goosebumps…. Wow, Sara El-Yafi.

  • Karim C. Hageali says:


  • Rozen Tareque Hasan says:

    great….revolution,,,hope one day it will happen in my country….

  • Maroun Mourad says:

    Excellent work!

  • Jad Mourad says:

    This revolution needs a delicate woman’s touch 🙂 good job Sara

  • Fida Krayem says:

    WOW SARA!!! Please lead our country. Please make our country a better place to live. You can do it, you have the support of so many people. Everyone trusts you, not everyone trusts the tol3et re7etkom ppl.

  • Abed Sinno says:

    Sarah this is awesome!

  • Adam Farrah says:

    I got goose bumps, Sara. طلعت ريحتكم are so lucky to have your back-up. I hope they appreciate it and will consult your intellect!

  • Hana Samouri says:

    Hayaaati! you just made my day..STOP Tango break 😀

  • Zeina Saab says:

    Tango! Hahahah — Sara you’re amazing. Let’s keep moving!

  • Haitham El Khatib says:

    Please watch it all Fiona Elizabeth Hepher especially at 3:30 🙂

  • Neo Ajaka says:

    Guys, if you’re on your phone, download any third party YouTube player, I recommend an app called ProTube, don’t use the stock apps,
    Sara, great job (^^) see you soon on the battlefield!

  • Sam Wahab says:

    Great editing, song selection and flow 🙂

  • Jad Rad says:

    Working in U.S.. Thank you for making it. Sharing now!

  • Toni Yammine says:

    Love the music

  • Sebastien Chatelier says:

    Mais c’est qu’en plus elle est brillante en vidéo la demoiselle Sara El-Yafi !

  • Nicholas Haddad says:

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I got chills!!! #wow #sharing

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