Note: This is the second of three posts I wrote about the Israeli Mezze Station story that went viral and propelled a beautifully insane wave of supportive responses from people around the world. Harvard Business School expressed regret for the unintentional offense and issued a very gracious and responsible reply, found here below. This (quite long) follow-up post can also be found on Facebook; I group all my different replies to different groups. After this post, some Israeli-sympathizers expressed anger over this issue, sometimes quite personally. So I wrote a third and last follow-up post, an open letter to Israel, which can also be read on Facebook or on my website here. 

Alright my good friends, let’s wrap this up.

On October 28th in the year of our lord 2012, I posted a post about an Israeli Mezze Station Menu at the Harvard Business School dining room that I was not very happy about. The menu featured a wide array of typical Arabic and Mediterranean dishes, which as far as we’re all concerned should not be called Israeli the same way I cannot be called Israeli. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt unhappy about the false content of the menu… Within five days of my posting, the “shares” had climbed from 1 to 1,000 (with my knowledge of mathematics, that’s a whole increase of 000.) Then, literally overnight, the shares doubled to 2,000. Then kept climbing over the next week to 3,400+, all the while being accompanied by a generous 4,700+ likes and 270+ beautiful comments (we’ll define beautiful later).

Without me having to exert much effort, it was the virulence of your likes and shares, as well as the respectful way that everybody connected with their humor and frustration, that has caught the attention of the key people. Last week, I received an official, gracious response from Harvard Business School through Mr. Brian Kenny, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at HBS less than 24 hours after reaching out to them. He has kindly requested I share with you his response on behalf of Dean Nohria and Harvard Business School:

“As you can imagine we’ve been following the responses to your post since it first went up last week. [..] [our] response is essentially a mea culpa on the part of the school. Clearly we didn’t do enough to verify the the accuracy of the Israeli Mezze station menu. You correctly called us on it and struck a chord with thousands of others in the process. The fact that we offended people is deeply troubling, particularly considering that our reason for having the international buffets each day is to celebrate cultural diversity. We take such things very seriously. From the moment we first saw your post we began having extensive conversations internally and with Restaurant Associates to understand why this happened and how we can prevent it from happening again.” 

To which I answered:

“Dear Mr. Kenny,
I appreciate the time and effort you took to understand and commiserate with us about the sensitivity of this issue. Naturally, I knew that HBS would react properly, which maybe lets us see that we Arabs (even the more educated–Harvard Arabs) may be placing too hard of a stigma on American biased responses when it comes to Israel. […] While my Arab colleagues’ pessimism concerning evenhanded American responses is not founded on illusion (we have tons of history to prove American bias), your response has proven that it is still worth reaching out when we feel trampled on. […] So thank you for that, this will bring relief to many. 
Since your comment is positive, if you don’t mind, I will post it on my facebook wall, as I am writing a follow-up answer to the commotion that was caused. Do you mind?
Thank you again for your response. I look forward to posting a picture on my wall of an HBS authentic Arabic [sic. Middle Eastern] Mezze station, I think this will assuage everybody who feel they have been deprived of their identity. And kindly let me know when you do so, it would be an amazing response from HBS.”

To which he graciously responded:

“[…] Please do feel free to post my response on your page. […] We truly understand the reaction and the sensitivities of the Arab community. […] In the meantime, RA [Restaurant Associates, the catering company] asked me if they could post their own apology. They dont want to offend further but they would like people to know how sorry they are. […] As for the Arabic Mezze station, I will have them get to work on that right away.” 

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the conclusions of this story:

1. Mark Zuckerberg has a good thing going.

2. Harvard Business School is the world’s leading business school for a reason.

3. You guys rock.

As a wrap-up to this wonderful story, I would finally like to personalize a few direct messages to those who became active on my facebook post:

I. To my fellow Arabs: 

I am so proud. I am so damn proud.

Never did I expect that a rant about food would go viral in such a comical way. I would literally sit behind my laptop and giggle out loud while I read your comments.

You have shown the world that you can be outrageously funny even in your frustration. The comments on your shares, and on the post thread itself are priceless. The comments were intelligent. They were perceptive. They were cultivated. They were bold. They were kind. And most important, they were respectful. And they were hilarious. I mean the sheer thought of someone disrespecting our food seems to bring out Hercules on a Saturday Night Live show in everyone.

I am proud of the amount of importance this has garnered because although the virulence is rooted in frustration, it has not manifested itself in brutality. In fact, quite the opposite. It has manifested itself as a humorous wave of frustration. And let’s face it, it is rare for the spotlight to be given to Arabs without some explosives in the background. Maybe the news channels have to start coming into our kitchens more often. “Look, no bombs. We are just fanning our zaatar.”

Other than adhering to their honorable ethics and values, I believe what made Harvard Business School respond so well to the post was the positivity and the unanimity of the Arab voice.

People on the thread liked other people’s comments even if they didn’t know them. People defended one another. People have even quoted one another. We were one united voice. And look at what ensued, Harvard Business School understood and responded, and the Israeli Mezze Station is no longer.

And for the one or two offensive self-designated Zionists who spoke on the thread (they then deleted their comments), the Arab responses were diplomatic, respectful and solid. There was no destructive hatred against Israel, it was just “calling them out” rightfully so. Thank you for that.

I hope we understand from this that a unified, respectful voice can go very far. And all the stigmas we hold about each other may probably be let down once and for all. As much as great American institutions like Harvard University may have intelligence and even be decision makers on the world chess map, sometimes they simply do not have the appropriate intel to do the “right” things despite their resources and brain power. They just need to be appropriately informed, preferably via non-suicidal bomb attacks, about why what they are doing is very controversial, and often just false. Hopefully, the dialogue scene will then open up with spotlight being given to us, the cultivated, respectful Arabs, and stop being given to the angry, violent ones, even if the angry, violent ones have very valid reasons to be angry.

Thank you for being so fantastic. Your comments and opinions will always be welcome on my future posts.

II. To HBS: 

The way you have handled this situation is mature and responsible. You have shown the world that with actions comes responsibility regardless of where you may really stand on fault and blame. Even if you do outsource your catering services, you did not even use that as an excuse. You honored your responsibility because it was important for you to honor our culture and heritage. I reiterate that I hope the world now understand that a blind all-encompassing biased stance at the expense of Arab honor does not necessarily go hand in hand with American institutions all the time. If such an attitude is officially carried out by the US administration on Capitol Hill, it will certainly save many American flags from burning around the world, and peace will ensue in the world. This is a beautiful message. So thank you for that.

III. To the journalists who reported about my post: 

Thank you for the coverage, my mother appreciates it. Although some of the articles missed the humor, (some made it sound like we were angry because someone died in our hummus), for what it’s worth, I am very grateful for the coverage.

The articles are on my wall for everybody to see.

IV. To the people of Israel and/or friends of Israel who interacted with the post: 

Good morning.

I have divided you into three groups.
1) The ones that argue with one of two arguments (to be answered below)
2) The ones that answered with hatred (and many then delete their comments)
3) The nice people, or those who liked and shared my post in positive light

Please read:

1) To Group number 1: 

To those who believe that Israeli food is “fusion food” resulting from Jewish immigrants coming from different places of origin.

Let me explain what fusion food is.

Fusion, from latin fusio meaning “to melt”, is the process of joining two (or more) things together to form a single entity. Single entity being the keywords here. This means that in order for it to be called “fusion food”, it would have to incorporate elements of diverse cuisines _within the same dish_.

Example 1: California maki rolls. Maki Roll=traditional Japanese rice rolled over nori seaweed with raw fish –> Stuff it with non-crab crab sticks (American) and avocado (staple of California apparently) –> fusion mix is created –> California roll!
Can you find a California roll in a typical Tokyo sushi restaurant? No, the Japanese would shoot themselves. Did Californians take hosomaki and claim it to be American? No, the Japanese would jujutsu them like there’s no tomorrow.

But this is what YOU did: Hummus=Typical Arabic Levantine dish –> Put Israeli flag on it –> Israeli Hummus!

Not gonna work. To put it mildly, that makes for copyright infringement. You are more than welcome to eat our food, as long as you give credit where credit is due, and in your case it is “everywhere”.

Otherwise, feel free to mash the chickpeas then shove the couscous in there, drench it with olive oil then top it with matzah balls and call it Israeli matzah ball-maftoul. Then in that case, it’s all yours. (Actually, you may have to credit me for that one. So to be safe, just come up with your own.)

– To those who say that Israelis have been “eating these foods for centuries” because of all the Israeli Arab Jews who immigrated to Israel: 

Let’s talk about the Arab Jews for a bit, shall we? Here are some numbers that everybody in the world should know about Israel, including Israelis who apparently don’t know their own country:

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, as of May 2006, of Israel’s 7 million people, 77% were Jews, 18.5% Arabs, and 4.3% “others”. Among Jews, 68% were Sabras (Israeli-born), mostly second- or third-generation Israelis, and the rest are Olim — 22% from Europe and the Americas, and 10% from Asia and Africa, including the Arab countries. (See for yourself

Let’s try to account for the number of Jews from Arab descent (both Sabras and Olim) and see if your argument makes sense.

  • Before the Balfour Declaration, in 1914, there were 60,000 Jews in Palestine (7.5% of the total population of Palestine.) With a 2% yearly population increase (reported by the Israeli Government, that puts them at around 417,000 today. With a life expectancy of 81 years old in Israel, at least 100,000 of them have died already. So to be generous, we’ll say that 317,000 remain.
  • In 1948, there were approximately 800,000 Jews who lived in the Arab world. By 1967, 500,000 of them ended up in Israel, the rest just dispersed around the world. Accounting for the same reported 2% yearly increase in population, this puts them at around 1.2 million today. 
  • To put all odds on your side, let us add the reported 10% from Asia and Africa (even if they surely are not all Arabs), that’s 154,000 more people. 

–> So: 317,000+1,100,000+154,000 = ~1.4 million Jews of Arab descent.

So what about the other 4 million immigrants who came from non-Arab countries since 1948? They’re the majority. Don’t they get to have a say in this? Why isn’t Russian pirozhki an Israeli dish too? or Italian gnocchi?

Do you really mean to tell us that 1.5 million Arab Jews have dictated to 7 million Israelis what they were going to eat? We won’t believe it… Because that would mean that you guys got whipped. And we’ve been at war with you, and it is NOT easy to whip you guys.

2) To group number 2: The haters

I am glad we have this open channel.

Some of you are Israeli, some are non-Israeli Jews, some are right-wing white American mustached old men (?). The positive part is that you were not many.

Let me start off by saying that responding with hatred and showing your annoyance at my post by “making fun” of the plight of the Palestinians or aggressing peaceful people on the thread is embarrassing for you more than for anyone else. The proof is you delete your comments soon after you realize that you have angered nobody, and how ill-founded your words are. The best minds of the world will tell you that nobody has ever won a debate by “making fun” of anyone else. It doesn’t work. If you call your adversary “childish” or “ridiculous” with no constructive argument, it doesn’t make your argument stronger. In fact, it does just the opposite, it makes you lose your ground, if you have one. You might be too used to winning all your battles easily because you have been used to employing force and you have never been forced to sit at a table and look us in the eye and speak constructive arguments, but soon, you’re gonna have to learn. Saying things along the lines of “what a sad life Arabs have” or “haha well the pesky Palestinians still don’t have a home” or by criticizing my family picture, makes for emotional terrorism, rather than constructive argument. And it makes your country and your cause look very bad.

To put it in mild terms, you and us, we have a very strained relationship. By we I mean we Arabs and you Israelis and friends of Israel. And whether we like it or not, we’re gonna have to work it out one of these days. Now, there are two scenarios that might make our relationship work:

One of us disappears. 2. We coexist.

The first scenario is not going to happen for a couple of reasons. First because it will have to entail a full-blown catastrophe (war, genocide, famine, epidemic…) that will require unimaginably precise and rapid results, but it is highly implausible that there would be ZERO survivors left on one camp only. The only recorded history of a vanishing race due to one of the above mentioned catastrophes is that of very, very old and isolated civilizations who were not connected to an outside world and who did not have online dating. Not today’s case, and certainly not your case (on both counts).
Second, it is scientifically impossible to cause the “disappearance” of anything within the boundaries of our physical world. The French genius Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, has stated in his law of conservation of mass that in matter “nothing gets destroyed, nothing gets created, everything only mutates.” The mass (and energy since e=mc2) of an isolated system can neither be created nor destroyed, but it will be rearranged in space and changed into different types of particles. So no one is going nowhere. We might all just mutate into something weirder, like fusion food… but we won’t ever disappear.

So you see, we’re stuck with the second scenario of coexistence. And hatred is obviously not the answer. So we need to back off our hatred. But who will start?

Let me lay out a map for you to understand the danger of “Israeli haters” versus “Arab haters” and your responsibilities.

  • The Arab world has 76.9% literacy rate where for 100 literate men there are 69 literate women. Israel has 95.4% literacy rate, with equal literacy between men and women.
  • In the Arab world, women are still constitutionally denied equal opportunity. In Israel, they are not. 
  • In the entire Arab world, for 400 million people we have had 6 Nobel Prize Laureates (two of whom, Sadat and Arafat, have shared it with Israelis.) In Israel, for 7 million people, you have had 10 Nobel Prize Laureates (including Begin and Rabin.) Now you do the comparative math since you’re obviously way better at it. 
  • In the Arab world, 19 of the 22 Arab League countries are ranked in the lowest range “red zone” of the Democracy Index , i.e. in the “authoritarian regimes” zone, within the same range as North Korea. Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine are the only three who ranked a bit higher as ‘hybrid democracies’ with Lebanon being the leading scorer. Yet Lebanon is still ranked at #94 in the world with a low democratic score of 5 over 10. Israel ranks 36 in the world with a score of 7.8 less than 1 point away from being considered a “full democracy”, a title given to only 25 countries in the world which also happen to be the most developed countries of the world.
  • The Arab world has the highest rate of unemployment among youth in the entire world. The average unemployment in the Arab region is 14.4%, compared with 7% in Israel and 6.3% for the rest of the world. (FYI, Gaza is at 37.8% unemployment and West Bank at 17.2%)
  • Approximately 5,000 books are published annually in Israel. In the entire Arab world, it accounts for less than that. The average person in the Arab world reads no more than four pages a year according to a UN survey of 2008. And get this: the total number of books translated into Arabic during the 1,000 years since the age of 9th century Caliph Al-Ma’moun to this day is less than those translated in Spain in one year. World Press. 
  • Finally, the GDP of Israel alone is greater than that of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq combined. That’s 7 million Israelis generating more money than 68 million Levantine/Mesopotamian peeps. The only other region of the world with an income level lower than ours is sub-Saharan Africa (yes and we have oil). 

Now you tell me, which is more dangerous: an Israeli hater or an Arab hater? … Unfortunately for us, an Israeli hater is far more vicious by all shots and all standards because there is nothing more dangerous than a hateful, violent educated person as there is nothing you can say to that person anymore. There is nothing more dangerous than hatred that is bred in a thriving, developed environment like the Israeli one; whereas hatred in a harsh, sadistic environment (like the Arabic one) is only normal.

In the Arab world, we don’t have the same tools to resort to when we have a conundrum or a problem to solve. We don’t have the same freedoms, the same hopes, the same defenses you have. We don’t vote our laws, we don’t vote our leaders, we don’t have job opportunities, we are not educated, our women suffer from gender inequalities, our governance is plagued with corruption and nepotism, and the world doesn’t grant us visas because other countries qualify us as “high security risks” at all their borders. The world, as well as you, cannot expect from us what should be expected from you.

We are doing our best to get better, starting with gaining freedoms and respect. Have you seen the recent surge of Arab spring? What do you think this is? Some masochistic dudes who like to get their teeth smashed, their nails pulled out and their bodies mutilated just for the fun of it? No. It is the Arab world’s gamble at freedom, something that you guys never have to gamble for anymore.

We are not equal. And therefore, our blames are not equal. Our faults are not equal. And our mistakes are certainly not equal. Your responsibilities are bigger, and your stakes are higher; and as such, an Israeli hater should be made unacceptable and unjustifiable in your society.

So revoke that role. Acknowledge your incredible responsibility. And when you finally do that, maybe less people will want to throw rockets on Israel, and finally righteous peace may ensue.

3) To group number 3: The nice Israelis, or the ones who liked and shared the post in positive light

For those who wrote in Hebrew, it took me a while to decipher some of your words as Google Translate always leaves out one damn keyword in Hebrew which renders the entire message cryptic. Like: “Hey guys, read this! She makes a טוב point!” Yeah. Thanks Google.

Well it turns out some of you are funny. And I just want to say thank you. I appreciate that. In fact, believe me, we all appreciate that.

People like you are the only ones who may be able to mobilize some serious change in order for some humorous peace to ensue. I hope you affect your compatriots into adopting your positive behaviors, and may people like you reach leadership positions, and spread goodness around them. I wish you guys all the best.

V. To world friends who liked and shared the post: 
Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Asians, Persians, Turks, Latinos, Africans, Australians. Thank you. Perhaps you have good Arab friends, or perhaps you appreciate culinary history, or maybe you just enjoyed my post, in all cases, your involvement in the virulence of the thread is much appreciated. I hope you know that your educated judgments and opinions on the situation of the Arab world will be the main catalysts for peace in our region… May you always remain our friends, and keep an eye and your heart on us.

VI. To my three brothers: Nothing. Just wanna tell everyone I have three mighty brothers… you know, just in case.

VII. To Mom: For someone who is new to social media, you have managed to garner the highest number of likes on your comments. And may I add that 95% of them are people who have never met you (or me). You are the one that is larger than life, not me, for your heart and soul are both worth their weight in cosmic splendidness. And if I end up having 10% of that, then I might as well be the luckiest girl in the world.

VIII. To Dad who was confused by the number of people asking him for his opinion on the Israeli Gas Station: I will send you the post by fax.

IX. To me: Onwards.


  • MZ says:

    Meh, this author is grasping at straws. These foods are definitely Israeli because of Mizrahi Jews and Israeli Arabs. They’re just not exclusively Israeli. Think about “American Food” which is really just an amalgamation of various european foods and other immigrant creations. Same concept. Yes hummus is a dish that came from an Arab REGION, but it came from a huge landmass, not a single people, a land and area full of Arabs, Turks, Jews, etc. so Hummus doesn’t belong to a particular race of human beings. The Middle East is a diverse and interesting place and I think you’re oversimplifying the history of such a huge region. Don’t confuse Arabic speakers with Arab people!

    The author’s argument against the point that Mizrahis brought the food to Israel is as follows:

    “Do you really mean to tell us that 1.5 million Arab Jews have dictated to 7 million Israelis what they were going to eat? We won’t believe it… Because that would mean that you guys got whipped. And we’ve been at war with you, and it is NOT easy to whip you guys.”
    The argument you have against this is that you “won’t believe it?”

    Sorry but you better believe it because it’s true, the 1.5 million Jews of Arab lands did dictate the cuisine of the region because that combined with the local Arab population means the region is just plain a majority Mideast Culture.

    “Israeli” is just a modern nationality, and it’s no more or less arbitrary than any other nation state in Southwest Asia, since all those modern borders were carved up by europeans in the first place. Syria was formed in 1924, does that mean Syrian food is made up as well? Lebanon was formed in the 1920’s as well, is their food made up?

    Lastly you cannot steal culture any more than you can steal air, sunlight, technology or knowledge. Culture is a public good; it’s inexhaustible and non-excludable. Culture is meant to be shared. It’s called multiculturalism. Maybe you can make an argument for “copyright infringement” but again, something calling itself Israeli is arbitrary because the real argument is if this food is Arab or Jewish and has little to do with country boundaries that didn’t exist when this food was created Millenia ago. but you’ll have to hop into a time machine and go find the first man or woman to literally invent hummus. Are you willing to take that risk? It could have been some Jewish guy or a Turk living in the levant or the maghreb who overcooked his chickpeas one fine day 1,000 years ago. You can’t ever be truly sure!

  • Shobi Ahmed says:

    Perhaps this whole ruckus could have been avoided if the catering company had had the good sense to designate it a “Middle Eastern/North African Food Station” rather than label it with any relatively recent (and charged) national or linguistic markers of identity. In a very ancient region of continually evolving and overlapping cultures, borders and religions, I would even hesitate to label all those dishes Arab or “Arabic”! And certainly not “Israeli” haha

  • Roy Cohen says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been an Israeli peace activist since the age of 13 and have done many things that don’t mesh with what most of you probably have in mind for an Israeli man.

    Just wanted people here to consider that many Jews came from North African countries. My mother was born in Algiers and was forced out of the country during the revolution and my father left Morocco when his parents were promised to live in a place where they wouldn’t have to worry about anti-Jewish sentiment.

    The foods mentioned in the menu in this picture are wleo partially taken from the cuisines my parents brought with them (cous cous, for example). It’s important to remember that, because some of these foods come from Arab cultures that are not Palestinian, from areas like the Maghreb, where Jews were once part of the culture.

    And so, to me, this menu-meme is not a clear-cut picture of cultural occupation as some would like to think, but rather a complex portrait of those places Jews had left before coming to Israel (as well as the occupation’s effect on them, I would not ignore that).

    To reiterate, I’m probably more politically aligned with some of you than I am with my own government. It would be a shame, however, to know that my family’s story — and much of the complexity that makes life in this area so tragic — gets lost or ignored in simplistic facebook memes.

  • Haytham David Al Ahdab says:

    pretty well said)) Bravo)

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    Sara’s response to the Israelis who posted is fascinating!

  • Annie Tazbaz says:

    To whom it may concern : Preserving and claiming respect of our own culture does not mean contempt or disrespect for your culture …RESPECT !

  • Aromas del Libano says:


  • Suze Bujsaim says:

    Looking at the items on the menu, Mezze is originally Lebanese/Arabic and so is the food on the menu so how on earth did they come up with Israel!?

  • Ramez Hourani says:

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  • Zainab Abueljebain says:

    I love this and Kudos to the young woman who deciphered and found the origins of all the Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Spanish foods that were wrongly claimed by the occupiers

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    You are a valid example of how we can take back our heritage and stand up for truth and justice.

  • Ralph Nader says:

    Well done Sara, you rocked the planet from a false mezze story. I wish we can resolve conflicts through social media instead of killing innocents or destroying cities. Keep going. We are here to support you. (P.S: you write a lot 🙂 make it shorter next time :-))

  • Jieriomka Nikolaevitch Abu Jieriomka says:

    Very very clever. Please read!

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    It is with great pride that I congratulate you Sara for this grand felt reaction. To me this proves a lot! Good luck always dear!

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    “My WTF post before the weekend:
    B*tch please! When it comes to Hummus/Falafel NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can mess with the lebanese! Not even Harvard Business School!

    Nevertheless, this reflect how absurd and complicated the situation is in the middle east.. No one knows wtf is going on anymore..
    First, Arab spring believer were like gummy bears living in lala-land. First they were like Democracy Seekers Zombies and then BAM radical supposedly “Islamists” are running the place.
    Then back to the classic dish on the menu: Palestinian-Israeli conflict. War on Gaza? oh yeah let’s compare it with what’s going on in Syria this will make us look good in the media. People! wtf, you CANNOT compare wars! It’s like comparing 300 °C & 500 °C at some point they ALL burn like HELL! And for the international media: Don’t let a bunch of whack heads shooting home-made missile head with ridiculous names convince you that the Palestinians fighting for their lives in Gaza deserve what they’ve been going through all these years. And for the arab media: Why don’t you try to show some of the protests in Tel Aviv against the Gaza attacks? This made me feel that they’re still some mercy among humans.. But yet, on the other hand the IDF have amazingly managed to hack social media for its propaganda purpose, scared the hell out of me, while hamas where SO doomed in their “communication” attempts..

    As fot the Lebanese wtf for today? Oh it’s quite straight forward: while this country is still governed by a bunch of mafia heads running it like pimps, sucking out the blood of its youth power. Another Lebanese send a f*cking rover to Mars and he’s giving a lecture at LAU tonight and a talk at TEDxBeirut tomorrow, Charles El-Achi the director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and I bet most of you didn’t know, or worse DON’T GIVE A DAMN about this. So please don’t forget for the next elections to vote just like you did before and most importantly don’t forget to spread you chauvinism all over my timeline, I’d love to giggle about it! We gave you Ziad Baroud once, what have you done with him?

    So do you want to know how bad is the situation? It’s like at some point, in the early 20th century, some bunch of power-holders divided by zero and created a black whole that kept expanded more and more until it sucks every drop of sense out of people’s messed up minds…

    But some of you would say..”what would she know! She’s been out of Lebanon for 5 years, she doesn’t know what she’ll talking about she’s a stanger now.”

    Baklawa power all the way!

    S.” Sarah Zahra

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    We are proud of you!

  • Basil Al-Azem says:

    Way to go Sara… that was very well done!

  • Keefak says:

    Defending Lebanese cuisine against Israeli assault! Bravo Sara El-Yafi for your boldness! We’re so proud of you! Cc LebGuide

  • Clara De Jesus says:

    Sent to me by a good friend:

    It seems land can be taken, stolen, and appropriated… but never culture, and especially not cuisine.

    I’ve been following closely this story below for obvious reasons. And it came to a conclusion coincidentally today, just as Israel launched yet another attack on Gaza. I’ve also chosen the Jerusalem Post as a reporting source about the issue at hand to preempt the usual responses I get about conspiracy theories.

    Take your time, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.

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    Beyond the cause and the fact that you’ve taken the time to speak up and follow up on this and see it to the end, all of which is great… I’ve rarely enjoyed reading anyone’s words as much as I’ve enjoyed reading yours :oD

  • Ramzi Joseph Kesrouany says:

    My Dear Sara,
    This is pure and utter class! I know your secrets thou, you used metaphysics argumentation on them and it worked!!!!
    On a more serious note, you make us all proud! hit the nail right on the head with your eloquence…

    All the love and keep up to good work!

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    thank you!

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      I liked Sara’s exposition of the origin of those foods, but I note that the invention of all those foods probably pre-dates the 20th-century creation of the current political entities known as Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, etc.

      The menu’s silent implication, as interpreted by some, that Israel has the exclusive or best claim to certain foods is certainly wrong. On the other hand, Lebanon/Syria does not have an exclusive claim to hummus (or baklava, yabrak, kusa mahshi, etc.) either: Persians, Turks, Greeks, Armenians, etc. all think these foods belong to them. Perhaps to avoid ruffling feathers, the cafeteria should have featured “Israeli food” one day and “Lebanese food” the next, likely with substantial overlap.

      In Tokyo, the best falafel/hummus joint this half-Lebanese guy knows (at least, it was the last time I was there 11 years ago) is run by an Israeli Jewish dude.

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    Your post oozes with eloquence, balanced arguments and a true understanding of our plight. I do hope that your plans involve your voice being heard across the globe. It would be a real shame, even a crime for it not to be. We have all been yearning for decades for a voice such as yours as we shamefully hear and watch our leaders and spokespeople shred our hopes and dreams to pieces by bellowing out incomprehensible arguments, illogical suggestions and irrational “solutions”. Mark Zuckerberg’s is just one of dozens of platforms that would welcome your uniquely refreshing and intelligent approach. I truly hope our paths cross one day. It would be an absolute honour to meet you and fan some zaatar together.

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    You may agree, you may not agree but please read. Noone wants haters on any side, Harvard Business School leads for a reason and Dean Nohria is a prince among men. Sara El-Yafi may this debate be irrelevant tomorrow because we can all agree and fuse! and even then may future generations be better than ours!

    • Suzie Afridi says:

      I had a dinner party the other day. I served traditional Palestinian salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley). A guest exclaimed: “I loved the Israeli salad the most”. I was gonna throw her out the window Mossad style but I contained myself and had an Arab tantrum instead. Steal the land, ok, but our food is all we have left. The only Palestinian dish Israelis haven’t stolen and claimed as theirs is Mulukhiyyeh (green slimy soup). There must be no nutritional benefits to it. Having said all this: I hope someone turns the play Food and Fadwa into a brilliant movie.

    • Brendan McGeever says:

      There would be way more outrage if the world saw the opulence of Spangler.

    • Masood Alexander Razaq says:

      Nice. Although taking stuff from Arabs and calling it Israeli has worked pretty well for Israelis to date. Take our land, our homes, destroy our olive groves. Kick us out. Occupy us. Build walls. But DON’T mess with our hummus.

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    Congratulations! I am happy to see this, although as an anti-Zionist academic who studies the Mizrahi experience in Israel, I am a bit disappointed that when faced with the discussion of Arab Jews, which could have been a great “teaching moment” on cultural appropriation, you chose instead to marginalize their presence and experience in Israel. I don’t want to deconstruct your argument on what is really a celebratory thread (though, as a business student, I’m sure you know that just fudging some stats from CBS wouldn’t reflect a complex demographic and social history? 🙂 ) but couldn’t you instead use your very influential voice to point out that the suffering and cultural appropriation of Arab Jewish culture by Ashkenazim in Israel is just as much an indictment of Zionism as the Nakba is? I think it’s in the interest of the anti-Zionist cause to include all of the stories of cultural erasure involved here…
    and lest I be accused of “concern trolling” or something, let me invoke the godly name of my friend Sa’ed to confirm that I’m not! Congrats again!

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    Other than that, spotless writing! 🙂

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    Sara, I think this is great. I don’t really understand the spillover into Israeli-Arab politics and anti-Israel rhetoric, though. RA / HBS made a mistake, you eloquently called them out on it while offering context. They fixed it. Should be the end of story. Instead, this is turning out to be: “I saw “Israeli Mezze Station” in the cafeteria. That sucks and I want it fixed. While we are on this topic, did I mention that they also stole our land and our culture?” One issue at a time, please :).

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    so proud of u Sara …we def need more people like u around ..ppl nowadays r selfish and only look after themselves and only do things that would benefit them as individuals..they wouldn’t even go through the hassle of addressing such issues and rather ignore hats off girl….hope ur well xx

  • Edward Gerges says:

    Sure, “Mediterranean Mezze” is fairer than “Israeli Mezze”, but until there is such a thing as “arab”, lets avoid basketing eggs with dates… There is no such thing as “arab” or “arab world”, and probably never will be

  • Mounir Doumani says:

    devoured every single word of it…great reply (and it is clear the math is average 🙂 once you apply the growth rate to a population you do not need to subtract mortalities, this gives them a couple hundred thousand more but nothing that changes the big picture)

    As for the comment to the “haters” read it carefully. I just think you are crediting some people(few that dared to comment but in reality many?)much more than they deserve or actually you are proving there is no correlation (maybe even negative) between economic development and “human(e)” development which is something to reflect on beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict

  • Chantal Estephane says:

    Wowww! And thank you!

  • Yasmine Mikati says:

    Bravo Sara! I am a bit disappointed you didn’t ask them to eat the f.. COOKIE! It was a thread about food 🙁

  • Dana Alasker says:

    awww yeahhhh

  • Abdallah Jabbour says:

    Sara El-Yafi! Just when I was about to declare this post gem of all gems, pride of the Arab world, beacon for mankind…Just when I was about to proclaim it the best thing that’s happened to humanity since Israeli mezze…Just when I was about to print it (in color) and hang it on my 1927 Ford with that photo of you striking a comfortable pose in the air *while* turning your face to the camera…I saw THE deadly sentence. “Harvard Business School is the world’s leading business school”? The school that gave humanity George W. Bush?? I would like to see the world respond to that 🙂 (PS: I still think your mom is adorable)

  • May Habbab says:

    يا سارة يا جدعة…يا سارة يا حلوة…يا سارة يا حبيبة قلبي….

  • Manal Ghandour says:

    Sara we need you as a leader in the Arab world!

  • Sawsan Kassaa says:


  • Johara Bouchama says:

    I ♥ U

  • Judy Barrage says:

    Good girl! Proud of u!!!

  • Omar Mukhtar Khan says:

    Wow Sara! Impressive!

  • Nour Abdo Abi Nader says:

    The world definitely needs more of you

  • Malik Shishtawi says:

    Dear Sara,

    This is the power of Social Media.. & if you allow me, I would really love to feature this story in our next event (3rd Arab Social Media Forum) in Amman Dec. 15th 2012. to show people how this can be effective from two sides, your action & HBS reaction

    Malik Shishtawi
    Founder & President
    Arab Social Media Forum

  • Rida Mawla says:

    Funny. Witty. Smart. Brilliant! All I can say is an honest and sincere thank you.

  • Hoda Selim says:

    i have been missing out on a lot of what s going on on your wall. Well done as always!

  • Mazen Tayara says:

    RESPEKT! Well done Sara, totally agree with every word above!

  • Antoun Halabi says:

    Raw3a Basbas !! my personal favorites by order: 1- “Thank you for the coverage, my mother appreciates it.”; 2- “But this is what YOU did: Hummus=Typical Arabic Levantine dish –> Put Israeli flag on it –> Israeli Hummus! Not gonna work.” and 3- “feel free to mash the chickpeas then shove the couscous in there, drench it with olive oil then top it with matzah balls and call it Israeli matzah ball-maftoul.”… love the flow and conclusions, no criticism, just love 🙂

  • Fouad Dajani says:

    Sara- this is a fantastic achievement. You should seriously feel very proud. What you have done is clearly demonstrate (albeit on a smaller scale) how we, as Arabs, should tackle the various injustices on our doorstep. Your response was eloquent, humorous and damning all at the same time- a lethal cocktail!! I wish there were more like you- pls stay active! 🙂

  • Caity Bolton says:

    Awesome Sara!!!!

  • Emad Rajaie says:

    Like I always said: Sara “ma fee minna”!

  • Gabriel Kuris says:

    Best thing I’ve read about the Middle East, or food, in a long time. Beautiful in both style and sentiment.

  • Vassilis Wise Loutzakis says:

    Sara, you could try the direct approach as people normally do, go and complain to the manager :p

    It’s amazing what a big impact had this post of yours and more important than the post Itself was the discussion that followed among people all over the world which was constructive and very interesting to read.

    They say the most important decisions are being taken during a lunch or a dinner, so food has always been significant and each country’s food’s origins are part of Its history, so It is a big deal although It may not seem so at first glance. And you don’t have to be an Arab to be moved by this sensitive subject.

    Plus, the Dean’s response implied how right you were to bring this subject up and I’m glad It was clarified.

    I’m always proud of you and I’ll always be, keep up Sara being as amazing as you are 😀

    • Rudolph Elias says:

      Vassilis, next time, you and I should make sure go “complain to the manager” BEFORE the news reaches Sara 🙂

  • Yasmine Mehio says:

    I read about this on tumblr. I am so glad this has ended the way it has. I don’t know you but for some reason I am so proud of you!! Now if only this Facebook app would let me share instead of just reporting the post as spam…

  • Aya Elwadia says:

    Yes. What happens when we all pool together and voice our frustration in a very educated way – thank you Sara El-Yafi!
    Now, lets get down to business and liberate Palestine.

  • Kais Al Naamani says:


  • Larine Hammoud says:

    Soooo proud of you darling!!

  • Robert Nammour says:

    holy crap. longest facebook post i have ever read (or glanced through, to be completely honest!). But, definitely a major high five to you for this!

  • Michel Wehbe says:

    Sara how many toulit beil courses have you taken in Harvard?! respect woman! respect!

  • Mohamed Mirza says:

    I’m simply proud of you! I didn’t know about the original post until now…but you have both my thumbs up!!

  • Riad Arslan says:

    I don’t know who you are.. Or where you come from…. But I have to say I just couldn’t stop thinking how brave and honest you are. Sam wahab (couz) thanks for sharing…. It was a breath of fresh air.

  • Farah Shoucair says:

    I suggest a stand-up comedy show titled “Israeli (Con)Fusion”

  • Farah Shoucair says:

    looooooooool “But this is what YOU did: Hummus=Typical Arabic Levantine dish –> Put Israeli flag on it –> Israeli Hummus! “

  • Zina Sawaf says:

    excellent ! 🙂 I look forward to seeing a picture of the Arab Mezze Station 🙂

  • Mona Tareh Sahouri says:

    Love it !!!! Congratulations !!! Onwards 🙂

  • Nada Abdelnour says:

    Bravo Sara! This is awesome 🙂 xxx

  • Was not aware of this, until Sam Wahab shared it. but I have just read everything in the description, and I must say its so wonderfully refreshing to hear this and the outcome and the way it was handled. Thank you for being active on social media and speaking up, you have encouraged individuals that don’t necessarily have ‘fans’ to speak out with the hope of it making a difference or raising awareness, I salute you mexican lebanese – Poly x

  • Olivier Ceberio says:

    So proud of you 🙂

  • Scott P. Korda says:

    Congrats Sara 🙂 i had actualyl printed out the original post when you put it up to read carefuly! didnt know it had such an impact! 🙂

  • Rami Harawi says:

    Bravo Sara!

  • Omar Sadek says:


  • Firas El Yafi says:

    what did they say about your family?

    • Sara El-Yafi says:

      LOL Firassooooo.. They said “who is that handsome man in the middle? We don’t have anyone that handsome around here”

  • Majd S says:

    Good going Sara………. MUCHHH RESPECT!!!!

  • Sam Wahab says:

    So this is what VICTORY looks like!! It’s INSANE how one post made such an huge impact and a statement. Way to go Sara! This is a great way to start your presidential campaign 😉 Oh and AGAIN: YOU SHOULD BLOG! 🙂

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