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Tonight, as people ponder the responsibility of Arabs or Muslims in yet another awful terror act in the US, many Arabs feel compelled to show that they too are human beings who, despite hailing from nations who consistently suffer from the same terror that was perpetrated on Boston, choose to empathize with this American tragedy and not belittle it in comparison to their woes. No matter what the culprit’s identity turns out to be, I hope that the American principles of openness, tolerance and equality prevail in the hearts of all Americans as they take a stance against bigotry that may be brought by such terrible moments of pain. And to fellow Middle Easterners and/or Muslims, I genuinely wish to believe that those who know what tragedy and terror feel like would never wish it upon innocent fellow human beings, and would never, ever relish in the awfulness of seeing fellow innocent human beings suffer at the hands of terror… I really love you Boston, you have made strides compared to your fellow American cities and world cities in terms of education performance, liberty advancements, crime fights, being the first to get in the ring for gay rights, and upholding your status as one of America’s most vibrant cultural centers. May our hearts one day prevail in our eternal struggle against violence.


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