The top three stories of today all make me proud to be human in different ways. I volunteer them with enriching thoughts.

1. US TV station apologizes for giving “wrong” names of crashed plane pilots Captain SUM TING WONG & HO LEE FUK.
C’mon USA!! Come on.

2. The band One Republic, who is performing in Byblos tonight, allegedly thinks Lebanon and Libya are also one republic…
Earlier today, they tweeted from their @OneRepublic account “taking off for Lebanon now” with a picture of a Libyan Airlines office.”
Well, ‘maybe they were flying Libyan Airlines to Lebanon’ you’ll say. Really? What, are they planning to visit all the bombed republics of the Middle East before they make their way to poetic Byblos? Jeeeeze.

3. George Zimmerman goes free and infuriates many. Yes BUT it wasn’t so easy though… He did go through a tiring trial, so it’s not TOTALLY hassle-free to kill a black kid y’all.
Plus, Trayvon was not a white fetus, so we don’t need to get all outraged about him being killed.

Other than those three pieces of amazing news, everything else is totally normal. Middle Easterners are still dying for some form of democracy, women still think going to class is cool, Nicki Minaj is still on the loose and 100,000 Syrians are still dead from civil conflict and are apparently not coming back to act in a Hollywood zombie-shark movie where Americans win at the end.

That’s all for Bastille Day. Speaking of which, I think we can all safely say that there was always sum ting wong with the world. Way way wong. Goodnight.


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