You know ISIS, that new Islamic militant group in the headlines that makes Al Qaeda look like they’re weak kitty cats? Check out their flag design. These militants are some of the most ruthless warmongers we’ve seen in the region who proudly carry out mass executions and pile bodies for dramatic photographs, but there must be that one guy amongst them, that one artsy guy who loves fine arts and fonts, and who gets to design the logo and the flag, then has to pitch it to the team:

– Abu Fannan, the Jihadi artist: “This is our new flag. First, of course, black backdrop. Why? Because black is the color of Jihad. Black is also scary. And we want to be scary. Right? But also, we want to be _different_ scary. That is why I did not use any traditional Arabesque calligraphy, on PURPOSE, because it has been, like, so overdone. The pussycats at Al Qaeda did it, the jerks from al-Nusra did it, Jamaat al-Tawhid did it… and it is now clichรฉ. SO I used a brand new font: A mixture of Chalkduster and Copperplate Gothic Bold. It has this je-ne-sais-quoi effect, like it is embossed, see? It has that “started from the bottom now we HERE” kind-of effect. The words look like they were manually carved into stone… reminds us of the stone age because that’s where we belong.
– Guys in the room: What’s … stone age?
– Abu Fannan: You’ll see.”

Indeed, we will.

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