I was recently interviewed by Youmna Naufal​, a woman I am proud to call my friend and one of the most exemplary journalists in the country. You may remember her for her trailblazing interview with Julian Assange​, who spoke to her from the London Embassy of Ecuador, something that no other Middle Eastern journalist has done. She boldly questioned Assange on Russia and Wikileaks’ involvement in the U.S. elections, and myself being a part of the audience, I had the chance to contribute to the dialogue and directly ask him if he prefers Amal Clooney or Pamela Anderson. 

As for my interview, found here below, we discuss my writing, what it takes to be political engaged, the trash crisis, my awakening into the world of politics, and why we shouldn’t feel despondent about the lack of democracy in our region. It was a long journey for all democracies to become democracies, so dammit, progress is inevitable, it’s just a question of who spearheads it. I hope you enjoy it.




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