You see this photo? Look at it. The photo is real. It was taken by my friend Jamal on her home’s window ledge in Beirut. If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” could ever be used properly, it would be now. This is a bird’s nest, guys. I’ve pondered what to say about this for hundreds of hours, and frankly, I am still at a loss of words. But you HAVE to know about this.

Our environment has degraded so much, the birds are turning towards industrial trash to build their own nests. This picture of this bird’s nest should be used as the emblem for our environmental catastrophic crisis. A nest is where a mother bird helps her embryos develop. Birds use twigs, leaves, grass, pine needles to make a cozy first home for her babies… but this mother couldn’t find any… So she gathered scrapes of metal and plastic and rubbish to build her nest. Can you imagine? Birds can be identified based on the composition of their nest. If you see a nest, and if you’re an expert, you can tell what species of bird it belongs to. What species of bird does this belong to? Tayyar? Moustakbal? Amal? Hezbollah? The “independent Sunnis”?

Take this as your ultimate warning sign. Simply put: no ecosystem means NO ecosystem FAVORS, and that’s the end of public health, and ultimately, the end of your health and your children’s health. Shield yourselves from cancer, or we must demand that the Environment be independent from the goddamn political agenda. The ministry of Environment should be run full time by an independent expert, directly accountable to the people, and not to some goddamn political party who can’t tell the difference between ozone and boyzone. I have lobbied for this for months, but we need to be forceful, we NEED to be forceful. If we circulated a petition, would you sign?

Paula Yacoubian, this is for you. Strike a home run please.


  • Marwan Chebaro says:

    A little bird nest exists in all of us. The status of our inner environment is reflected in the way we view the world outside.
    Garbage on the inside is simply garbage on the outside.
    We keep our homes clean but unfortunately we trash and litter the streets with our garbage.
    We must do some serious house cleaning on the inside, Sweeping and dusting our hearts and we should also all pray that Allah will grant and bless us with such profound wisdom.

  • Michel Jabbour says:

    Nothing will change my dear friend! No words no posts no Chit…..

  • Joe Khoury says:

    Posts like this are what give those of us living abroad a small bit of hope that things will, slowly but at least surely, change. No ecosystem favors is on point – the issue is the increasing weight of Lebanese issues and causes to be fought for that are constantly shoved under the carpet at the expense of the people’s health, quality of life, and right to a decent life. I’m afraid there’s a sense of despair that has just numbed people to accept that there’s no hope on the horizon, and posts like yours and seeing the tireless work other people are devoting towards making the least bit of change is a beacon of home among all the disasters we are facing. On that note – of course we’d sign.

  • Fouad Yammine says:


  • Paula Siragan Yacoubian says:

    Sara this is very inspirational. We still have to overcome the main challenge, that we can change things and there is something that can be done”
    I dedicated my political life to environmental issues in Lebanon
    And it is from honest and smart people like you I derive my daily energy to keep the fight
    Corruption and ignorance is a lethal combination and this is what We have to deal with. Only with people like you we can “strike a home run”
    But you certainly scored a touch down

  • Rima Ghanem Bahout says:

    Bravo Sara!!!!!????

  • Hisham Ferzli says:

    The big question that everybody needs to answer before having any expectation, is why the Lebanese are in a complete mental and physical paralysis state when it comes to do something about our basic rights and common interests? Why are we allowing this and we do nothing about it ? We need to understand and answer these questions before we can hope for something better…

  • Sasha Van de Water says:

    Oh captain, my captain! I will follow your lead, Sara, with so many others. Never give up!

  • Farah Shoucair says:

    Are you actually making a concerete proposal? And if so, how can an environment expert be directly accountable to the people? Who appoints this expert? Am genuinely interested.

  • Gail Antabi says:

    Amazing Sara, what would one do without you. It’s really great that u r so dedicated to the environmental disasters that are presently destroying beirut. I hope your voice will be heard and action will be taken.

  • Dan Boufarhat says:

    You’ve got my autograph, and vote for that matter should the day ever come.

  • Sobhi Itani says:

    VERY, VERY WELL SAID. Kudos to you Sara for always being such a strong voice of truth. I am at your disposal should you need me for any help.

  • Liliane N. Assaf says:

    Well said. Specifically for the environment we needed an expert who is independent from all the political bullshit to ensure we are preserving what’s left and avoiding possible diseases. This image is both sad and impressive!

  • Tanya Kassem says:

    WOW WOW WOW SARA!!! I am literally exclaiming this by myself in my living room. Do it. I’ll pull my weight behind any initiative you patronize.

  • Fida Krayem says:

    Sara. I am cheering for you louder than you can imagine. YES I WILL. PLEASE JUST GO GET THEM AND WE ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

  • Neo Ajaka says:

    Oh wow..oh wow,
    If anything, this picture is proof that brids are more intelligent & more adaptable than humans..

  • Tristan Hudson says:

    Wow Sara. What a voice you have. Thank you for using it to make such a monumental change in your world. Cheering for you.

  • Nicholas Haddad says:

    Sara. What a post. I have chills. Yes, I’ll do anything.

  • Sandy Abou Mansour says:

    This is heartbreaking

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